Bjørn – Wrath of Gaia

2nd Semester Project

Bjørn was planned as a 2.5D Hack’n’Slash fighting game. It was a group project during the second semester.

Plot: The Player slips into the role of Bjørn an ex-eco-terrorist who is cursed with the mighty power of a killed bear spirit. With that power, he can transform into a bear-man and gains incredible strength to fight against the enemies of mother earth.

Mediadesign Hochschule Berlin
Monkey Business Studios
Development Time:
4 Weeks
Stage Of Development:
Team Size:
My Role:
Team Lead, Developer, Game Designer and Product Owner
Windows PC

As Team Lead and Product Owner:

  • create and present my product vision, strategy and roadmap
  • build a motivated and productive team
  • coordination of the team members
  • create the backlog
  • scrum optimizing and execution

As Developer:

  • player movement
  • combat system
  • health system
  • controller controls
  • camera set up
  • orthograpic parallax effect (not implemented)
  • diverse level scripts
  • testing and bugfixing
  • code optimization

What went well

  • Open and factual communication in the team.
  • We had a lot of learning’s in the whole developing process.
  • Everyone was able to improve their personal hard- and soft-skills.

What went wrong

  • We did scrum wrong at the beginning and had to improve and iterate it.
  • Inexperience with Unity3D and coding.
  • I wasn’t able to keep up the motivation in the team. (Reason: developing of the first prototype took too long, no team-building measures)
  • We had a bad asset pipeline.
  • I was neglecting the GDD and the vision wasn’t clear enough.
  • Scope was too big.

Antonio Rodríguez
Concept And 2D Artist

Edgar Schoenknecht
Team Lead, Developer, Game Designer And Product Owner

Franz Lisdat
Developer And Scrum Master

Hieu Le
Concept And 3D Character Artist

Kien Le
Concept And 2D Artist

Maximilian Santa
Game Designer

Game Design
Project Management
Game Development

Bjørn – Wrath Of Gaia
Download: Windows PC, ZIP File